The number one reason you fail to lose weight & how to succeed in the long run.

If you’ve ever tried to get into exercise…Chances are your fitness journey meant:

Frustration, Struggle, Disappointment,  Win, Failure, Quitting, Repeat.

Most people spend painful years in this cycle. Maybe you’re stuck in it right now. 

How Weight Loss Should be:





Now listen. This is the no.1 reason why you fail. And it’s really not your fault.

You’re using the wrong generic framework. Basically, you’re eating soup with a fork. You need to choose a “tool” that works for you.  Most of the time the motivation to lose weight is really hard to find and even harder to maintain. This happens because it is hard to see results if you are only checking kilos or mirrors.

Find out why 85.73% of participants finish this challenge. (5x more than your regular fitness challenge)

We’ve designed a brand new virtual challenge that provides a custom, easy, rewarding framework to help you get and stay active. 

The result? Our conquerors lost over 150 tonnes of fat in the past two years.

What’s so different about this solution?

1. You see progress from day 1.

Seeing results is hard when getting active, so motivation often runs out before accomplishing the goal. The virtual map will help you see constant progress on your journey to engage and motivate you from day one.

2. You can do any physical activity.

Most beginnings are tricky, and a difficult activity such as going to the gym can demotivate you fast. Walking? There’s nothing simpler.  You need to keep your focus on the process, so walking is the best option for your first challenge (you can track it everywhere, even if you’re just out with friends). Walking is also the cheapest and most enjoyable activity you can do to lose weight. 

3. You won’t have to do it alone.

Support is so important in the long run, join the comunity where people support each other. You can interact with over 150.000 people like you who have already succeeded using the same method in our private Facebook Group. Also, you can watch others on the map progress and feel motivated to push yourself further!

1,000 km of walking outdoors since April 11, 2021!!!
I lost 86 LBS since!
I just bought myself a rowing machine! Never bought fitness equipment my entire life! Can’t wait to start rowing and pushing myself to new levels!
A huge huge thanks to you all who post in this community! Your stories, successes and challenges are an inspiration!

Cora A. Tiller. 54.

Tired of wasting Time and Money on 0 results ? Find out how 535,485 managed to Crush their WEIGHT LOSS goals through Walking.

Join 535,375 people who use this weight loss secret

Road to Hana Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal × 1
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Road to Hana Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal x1
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