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For Anyone Who Wants To Lose The Weight They Gained Since The Pandemic!

“Get Your Pre-Pandemic Body Back” Challenge

“Give Us Just 30 Minutes A Day For 5 Days and We Will Reveal What Made Americans Gain On Average XX Pounds During The Pandemic, And How To Revert It, Regardless Of Age or Fitness Level“

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Is This Challenge For Me?

Yes! The FREE 5-Day challenge is for you, if you…

✅ Gained some weight during the pandemic that you want to lose. You’ve already tried different methods, but nothing seems to work.

​Started working remotely, and this new lifestyle made you become a lot less active than you were in the past.

​Are not interested in crazy diets or unsustainable fitness routines. You need something simple that fits your existing lifestyle.

Find it hard to stick to any healthy habits. You tried in the past, but something always seems to get in the way, and you end up quitting.


If You Nodded Or Said “Yes!” To Any One Of These…


Here’s What You Can Expect from The 5-Day

“Get your Pre-Pandemic Body Back” Challenge

🗓️  DAY ONE:

Pre-Pandemic Body: What Changed

On day one, we’ll will reveal the 1 thing that caused most Americans to gain a lot of weight in a short period of time.

We will also look give you the formula to see how much this affected yourself.


Pre-Pandemic Body: Small Changes

Most of the weight loss programs ask you to go through extreme exercises or diets that only work for professional athletes.

We know how difficult it is to start and maintain any new initiative, and that’s why we will break it down for you in small and easy steps that can be done by anyone regardless of “fitness level”.

Our “1% Rule” method will change your mind about how simple it is for you to progress.


Pre-Pandemic Body: Get It Back

Getting in better shape does not mean destroying yourself at the gym or exercising for hours just to wake up the next day feeling miserable…

We want to share with you some proven “Hacks” used by tens of thousands of people who got back in shape.

On day three, you will discover how to go back to your pre-pandemic level without radically changing your daily routine.


Pre-Pandemic Body: The Secret

Listen, it’s no secret – most people quit their new routines in less than 2 weeks. The good part is that we know the #1 reason for that, and we can also help you avoid it.

Day four will show you what differentiates long-term success from failure.


Pre-Pandemic Body: Stick To It

By day five, you will know the main ingredients of a getting back your pre-pandemic body, but we also want to make sure that you will keep it long-term!

We will share with you a secret method that people use to stick with it for the long-term.

Time To Get Your Pre-Pandemic Body Back

What You Can Expect from The “Get Your Pre-Pandemic Body Back Challenge”

Before the challenge:

▶ ​Feeling sluggish, exhausted, and mentally drained…

▶ ​Low confidence

▶ Lack of motivation

▶ Burned out from programs and diets

After the challenge:

▶ ​Energy that lasts the entire day

▶ ​Contagious self confidence

▶ ​Motivation to do more day by day

▶ ​Finally discovering a weight loss method that works around YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is this 5-day event really free?

Yes! It’s completely free to join the “Walk to Lose Weight Challenge”. There may be opportunities to upgrade your experience for a small, one-time fee, but the main challenge costs zero to join.

+ What is the likelihood of losing weight from this challenge?

This challenge is not a miracle and will not get you to your desired weight in just 5 days. That would be unreasonable, and most likely unhealthy.

The 5-day “Walk to Lose Weight Challenge” is designed as a starting point in your journey. We will give you the tools and strategies necessary so that you may experience positive changes in your overall health in the long run.

+ Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone regardless of age, gender, or access to fitness equipment.

+ How does the 5-day challenge works?

The challenge will run from 8 AM PST Monday – Friday of the challenge. You will receive daily instructions by email.

+ Who is hosting this challenge?

The Conqueror is a brand based in New Zealand that helped over 700,000 people to build healhy habits like exercising routines.

Most of our participants use virtual challenges with medals to stick to their goals.

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