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Hey there!

First off, we wanna congratulate you for signing up for the 5-day “Get Your Pre-Pandemic Body Back” Challenge!

Now, you might think that this is not much, but the truth is… you took the first step in the right direction which is more than most people do! You will soon find…

…what made a lot of Americans gain a lot of weight during the pandemic…

… and how to revert that back to it pre-pandemic level!

And yes – it’s true – this will work for you regardless of your starting “fitness level”. What you will learn in the 5 challenge days is how you achieve better health…

🗓️… without dramatically changing your daily habits

🔋… without extreme or long exercise programs

💰… without spending a lot on fitness equipment

If that sounds good, then you’re in the right place

In fact, we want to Share with you something that helped hundreds of thousands of people stay active, event during the pandemic

This is how hundreds of thousands of Americans stayed active even during the pandemic!

The pandemic was tough for everyone on multiple fronts, but one of the health areas that suffered the most during this time was your activity level.

Not only did a lot of people start to work remotely, but they were also mandated to stay inside the house as much as possible.

Most people lost all the motivation during this time and defaulted to a state of very little activity…

Yet some people managed to be as active, if not even more active, than before! And that’s because they started doing something that not a lot of people knew about. We are talking about…

Virtual Challenges!

Virtual Challenges Are The #1 Thing You Can Do To Stay Active!

These challenges combine everything you need to be able to stick to an active lifetyle.

It is all based around motivation. It’s quite simple — it’s known that without long-term motivation, you will just give up at some point, so if you want to stick to it long-term, you need long-term motivation.

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges dramatically boost your motivation long-term because they offer you:

🎯 A clear goal setting system — when you join a virtual challenge, you will have a goal that is specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and bound by a deadline.

📱 A mobile app where you can log your steps and also track your progress on a map.

🏅 If you finish the challenge, you will receive in your mail, an epic finisher medal. Once you get your hands on this medal, you will be so proud of yourself, giving you a big dopamine boost.

🗺️ Instant gratification after each walking session — as you log your steps into the app, you will unlock fun content about the virtual location you travel.

🫶 An inspiring and positive Facebook community of like minded people that are also crushing their goals.

The Conqueror Challenges Make Moving Fun And Rewarding!

Take a look at these screenshots from the app…

Did you see that?!?

Each virtual challenge is based on a very popular location or trail from all over the world. There are over 50 virtual challenges you can join. Each challenge has its own route, distance, content, and medal!

The distances start from 19 miles, and go up to 2,000 miles, but the best part is that you can adjust the difficulty based on your “fitness level” thanks to the custom deadline.

Because we know you want to make a positive health change in your life, we want to help you access this unfair advantage.

We want to give you access to Paris for FREE if you also sign up for Road to Hana.

Those two are among our top 5 most popular virtual challenges, and we are sure they are an amazing starting point for someone that is new to virtual challenges.


Don’t Worry…

You’re Covered By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the truth — weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen above your expectations, so long you are consistent to the strategies and tools we laid out in the 5-day challenge and especially if you upgrade to a The Conqueror Virtual Challenge.

We’re so confident that you’ll find amazing motivation to stick to your walking routine… that we’re willing to give you a full refund 30 days to test out the virtual challenge.

Join the Virtual Challenge as instructed, and we are sure that you’ll experience great motivation to stick to your goal.

But if you’re still not happy, then let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Here’s The Rundown of What You Get When You Upgrade To A Virtual Challenge!

Paris Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal × 1
USD $31.99
Road to Hana Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal × 1
USD $31.99

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Paris Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal x1
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Road to Hana Virtual Challenge | Entry + Medal x1
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🗼Paris Virtual Challenge this challenge takes you on a 33mi (53km)virtual journey through the streets of Paris.

🌺 Road to Hana Virtual Challenge – this challenge takes you 64mi (104km) from Kahului to Hana, through lush rainforest, verdant cliffs, hidden waterfalls, and spectacular beaches.

Both those challenges come with:

🏅 A beautiful The Conqueror medal – the medal will be shipped to your address upon completion (we will ask for your address in the app when you complete the challenge)

📱Fun app content – each challenge comes with app content unlocked when you reach certain milestones on the route. This will motivate you to walk more each day so you can reach the next milestone.

🌳 Plant 5 real trees – When you reach 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% of the route, we will plant a real tree on your behalf (We partner with a reforestation organization)

🔒 Access to the private community – Upon upgrading, you can join our private The Conqueror Facebook community. Each day, we see tens of thousands of people encouraging and inspiring each other

All Of These Combined Will Motivate You To Stay Active!

Today only: Get 1+1 FREE!

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