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Don’t let Remote Work Hold You Back from Being Active

Over 100k Remote Workers Transformed Their Sedentary Life and Lost Weight with This Virtual Challenges!

12,821 Remote Workers joined in the last 7 days!

  • Lose Weight at your own pace
  • Choose from 45+ different challenges after Sign Up
  • Distances from 20Miles(32KM)
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Here’s why 87.93% of poeple that work from home finish this challenge (5x more than your regular fitness challenge)

  • You get an amazing medal shipped to you upon completion.
  • You get to track your progress on The Conqueror’s mobile app.
  • You get to choose your own deadline, making it achievable for everyone.
  • You can see yourself on the virtual map, making your progress much more tangible.

Uncover the Secret to Staying Active While Working from Home

I work from home and have basically been a slug for 2 years with a few exceptions. So I picked Ring of Kerry and set a really long completion time.
Well, these challenges are so motivating I've done 23.5 miles in 9 days (bike, walk outside, walking in place inside) and I'm 18 miles ahead of schedule!
I know that's not a lot of miles for that amount of time but for a chubby 53 year old couch potato that's progress baby!!
My body is not sure what I'm doing to it, but I love it!


I completed The Shire yesterday. I've really enjoyed doing this challenge, it's got me out and about walking more then before, it took me 34days to complete the 145miles! Which for me is a huge achievement, I work from home and was lucky to get around 3,000 steps a day. This has given me the motivation to go out on my lunch break and after work and just to at least make sure I'm get those 10,000 a day


I started my journey in Sept 2021 with the Ring of Kerry Ring Challenge. Every day I do my best to get myself out of my chair and it’s so worth it. Every day I have found a new route to walk.



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Virtually Travel to one of 45 destinations

Our challenges make your experience as immersive as possible:

As you pass milestones on the virtual map, you get to unlock postcards, discover new local spots and wander off the beaten path with the Street View feature.

Besides learning a lot about that route, you will also plant a tree every 20% of the distance you complete.


Don’t give up on your Fitness Goals