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Slay your Fitness Goals with this Halloween Bundle!

437 fearless participants joined in the last 7 days

  • 156miles (250km)
  • Pick your own timeframe
  • Any physical activity accepted
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Here’s why 87.93% of participants finish this challenge

5x more than your regular fitness challenge

  • You get an amazing medal shipped to you upon completion.
  • You get to track your progress on The Conqueror’s mobile app.
  • You get to choose your own deadline, making it achievable for everyone.
  • You can see yourself on the virtual map, making your progress much more tangible.

Make Exercise a Habit with this Halloween Bundle!

This has been the most motivating thing I’ve ever seen for getting myself up off the couch and being active!

Melissa Clark

I have never been very good at exercising – I like the idea more than the practice! But it wouldn’t be overstating the case to say that the Conqueror Challenges have completely changed my whole outlook on things.

Tony Peterson

I started my journey in Sept 2021 with the Ring of Kerry Ring Challenge. Every day I do my best to get myself out of my chair and it’s so worth it. Every day I have found a new route to walk.

Magdalena Nel


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Virtually Travel to Cities of US

Take on Halloween with these hair-rising challenges:

New York — 71mi (114km) from the Chrysler Building to Central Park through towering skyscrapers, electrifying neighborhoods, and vibrant parks in NY state, US.

Los Angeles — 50mi (80km) from Malibu to the Hollywood Sign through sandy beaches, glamorous boulevards, dazzling studios in California, US.

Washington DC — 35mi (56km) from the historic Capitol Hill through scenic landscapes, iconic memorials, and notable sites in DC, US.

Go solo or use our private community to start a group and help each other stay motivated!

Start your fitness journey with Cities of US Virtual Challenge today and earn a stunning medal!

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Don’t give up on your Fitness Goals