Hadrian's Wall
Virtual Challenge

This takes you along the historic Hadrian’s Wall path across the north of England. All types of exercise count!

Each time you complete a distance based exercise activity such as running, walking, cycling etc you advance along the map along Hadrian’s Wall.

?️ Distance: 90 miles

? Activities: Running, Walking, Cycling or whatever

⌛ Duration: You choose. Up to 18 months

?️ Location: Take part from anywhere in the world

? Reward: Your amazing Hadrian's Wall medal

Entry + Medal: £24.95


Stay motivated and have fun

See you on Street View

Check out your virtual surrounds on Google Street View. See yourself and others on the map and directly on Google Street View.

Connect your favourite apps

Sync with your favorite fitness tracker or log distances manually within the web/mobile app.

Currently we support: Apple Watch, Apple Health, Fitbit, Strava, Map My Run/Ride and RunKeeper with more coming soon!

Get bling!

Celebrate your achievement with a stunning, limited edition Hadrian’s Wall Virtual Fitness Challenge finishers medal.

Medals get mailed to you once you have completed the challenge and are guaranteed to stand out in your medal collection!

What Our Clients Say

Absolutely amazing. My husband and I are currently over half way down route 66. This challenge is so good and so much fun. We love getting the postcards and it really encourages us to do extra exercise to get further. I would highly recommend.

Marie G.

United Kingdom

Such a good motivator to get out and about. The knowledge that all my travel counts towards a medal has motivated me to leave the car at home and commute via bicycle more frequently. The medals are fantastic quality and very satisfying to achieve.

Claire S.

New Zealand

This has given me the motivation to up my exercise levels to ensure I’m moving more on a daily basis.

The medals are stunning and look even better in real life, very good value for money!

Steve B.

United Kingdom

Why We Have The Best Virtual Challenges

Access anywhere

Login on the web or through our 4+ star rated iPhone or Android mobile apps.

Team or solo

Get a group of friends or workmates together and share the load or take on the challenge by yourself.

Choose your own timeframe

Pick your start date and chose how many weeks you want to set as your goal to complete the challenge depending on your exercise type, fitness level and how many other people there are in your team (if any).

Multiple exercise types

Any distance based activity can count towards reaching the finish line. Do cartwheels if that’s your thing.

Unlock virtual postcards

Receive virtual postcards when you reach certain locations. Each postcard contains interesting information about the location.

* Join our social club to access this feature. See Q+A

Want to crush your fitness goals?


Number of people in team

Choose a completion timeframe

90 miles equals

7.5 miles per person, per week.


Hint: 10,000 “steps” is equal to around 5 miles (8km)

How this works

Step 1 - Choose your challenge

Decide which of our 9 amazing challenges you want to Conquer.

Challenges range from 21 miles to over 2,000 miles.

Step 2 - Move your ass!

Now that your raking on one of The Conqueror challenges, its time to rack up those miles! Any activity counts such as walking, running, cycling etc.

You can log distances manually in our award winning app, or you can connect to Fitbit, Apple Health/Watch or apps such as Strava, Runkeeper and Under Armour.

Step 3 - Receive your medal

Once you have completed the challenge you will be sent your finishers medal.

Each challenge has its own medal - we guarantee it will be a standout in your medal collection because that’s what we’re consistently being told by the thousands of people who have received them!

Q + A

We thought you might have some questions! Hopefully we have answered them below.
Still have more questions? Click here to contact us.

How do I log distances?

You can log distances using two methods

  1. Manually – Either on the web or via our iPhone and Andriod apps. Select your exercise type, add a distance and boom, you’re done.
  2. Automatically – Via the range of apps and devices that we connect with. Currently we support: Apple Watch, Apple Health, Fitbit, Strava, Map My Run, Map My Ride, Map My Walk, Runkeeper.
What's stopping someone from cheating?

We do have a number of ways that we can detect cheaters, however we do realise that no matter what we do or how we structure it people are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do. E.g. Put their Fitbit on their dog!

There are no prizes for first place.

If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money.

How long does it takes to complete the full distance?

The full distance of the Hadrian’s Wall Virtual Challenge is 90 miles.

The amount of time it will take you or your team to complete this journey depends on your fitness level, exercise type and team size. Use our handy calculator above to work out what it’s going to take!

What is The Conqueror Social Club?

If you join The Conqueror Social Club then you will receive the following benefits:

1. Personalised virtual postcards – You’ll receive these when you reach certain landmarks.

2. Double entry into the prize draws.

Joining The Conqueror Social Club is free and easy. Just tick the box when you sign up.

To receive the benefits, all you have to do is complete any 3 tasks out of the list of options.

Examples of Social Club tasks are

  • Join our event on Facebook
  • Share one of our event Facebook/Twitter posts
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Comment on one of our event posts on Facebook
  • Do a status update on Facebook mentioning that you are entering the event
  • Add a signature to your forum profile to show you are entering the event

These tasks must be completed between August 23 2016 and October 15 2016 to be eligible.

When can I register for the challenge?

You can start this fitness challenge any time. Registrations are open now so feel free to sign up and make a start.

We’ve made it as flexible as possible so you can backdate your start date to whatever date you want as long as it’s after the date we launched the challenge.

I'm already on a mission. Can I log distances to this event also?

Yes – You can log your distances to more than one mission at a time, including this event.

This is a new feature on the My Virtual Mission platform.

Can I log multiple exercise types?

Yes – You can log any distance based exercise that you do. The common ones that we have icons for are:

Running (indoor and outdoor)
Cycling (indoor and outdoor)

All others can be logged to the “other” category.

You can also convert other exercises such as sports that you play or going to the gym etc into distances. We can provide information on some ways to do this.

How long does the challenge go for?

You get to choose how many weeks you want to aim to complete the challenge.

You/your team can change this goal as many times as you like during the event.

How does team work?

Teams are a fun way to take part in the event.

Basically you share the distance with the other people in your team.

Your team will have your very own team icon on the map.

Each time a team member posts a distance your team icon will advance up the map.

Your team will also be represented on the leaderboard.

You (as in you personally) will also be able to see information about your own achievements and rankings separate from the team.

The distance doesn’t have to be divided evenly among team member. You can team up with guru athletes and people just starting out!

So hustle up your friends or workmates and join the fun!

Can I enter from outside of the US or UK?

We warmly welcome registrations from all over the world.
Join our global community of virtual fitness enthusiasts!

How do I access the event once I've signed up?

The event is powered by My Virtual Mission who have been delivering map based fitness challenges for groups and individuals since 2013.
When you sign up for the challenge you will automatically be set up with a My Virtual Mission account where you can log in and access the event.
You also receive 12 months of My Virtual Mission premium when you sign up so you can set up your own challenges if you want.

How much does it cost to enter?

There are 3 registration options to choose from.
You can view the event pricing on pricing page.