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Over the years we have received hundreds of requests for a Conqueror Medal Hanger and we finally have something that matches the beauty of our medals.

But finding the perfect solution was not simple… How can you display multiple medals together while emphasizing their details?

Our answer is a premium Honeycomb Medal Hanger system. This modular display system is designed to grow with your achievements.

Dimensions: 140 x 160 x 20 mm / 5,5 x 6,3 x 0,8 in

If you want to be one of the first that gets a Honeycomb Medal Hanger, then please use the button below to join the Waitlist. The people on the list will have priority and we think this will sell out instantly.

Build Your Legacy – Piece By Piece

Turn your Medal Display into a Piece of Art

The blocks easily attach to the wall using 2 double sided tapes (no need for nails).

Each component also features a removable part that allows you to rearrange your medals as you wish without having to remove the main block from the wall.

The hexagon shape makes it easy to create awesome patterns. Are you ready to build your own honeycomb?

Showcase Your Hard-Earned Medals

In contrasts to the normal medal hangers, the Honeycomb system makes each medal feel special — as it should.

Another advantage is that this wooden hanger looks good even if you’ve just recently started participating in challenges or races and only have a 2-3 medals.