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About us

We believe the biggest issue in creating healthy habits is not starting but keeping the promise people make to themselves to stick at it. We know that technology has played a major role in making people less active, less healthy than ever before.

The Conqueror was created to help reverse this trend and motivate people to live healthier, happier, lives through gaining healthy habits.

Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Adam, knew that he needed to make a change to his lifestyle. He knew the benefits of regular exercise so with the latest tech gadgets to measure his heart rate and a new treadmill, he took his first steps.

But a few weeks later he was struggling to find the motivation to move regularly. One day, while looking at an old paper road map he found in the glovebox of the car, he imagined how far he could travel down the length of New Zealand if he added all his exercise sessions together. So he decided to find out.

He plotted each treadmill distance on the paper map one session at a time. He reached his first town, which spurred him to keep going to the next, and the next. Soon he was halfway down the North Island with a sense of achievement and an unusual motivation to keep going.

It was a bit clunky doing it with paper and pen and he thought “there must be an app for this”. But there wasn’t.

Knowing the benefits that this goal setting method could bring to others, he set off on his next journey…. to turn the paper and pen version into an immersive virtual travelling experience to help people start and stick to exercise, using technology to build positive habits rather than negative ones.

Today millions of people around the world have embarked on their own virtual fitness challenge with The Conqueror, helping them move towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Picture of Adam

Our Impact

Our challenges have helped
people globally become more active

We have planted over

We have stopped over
bottles from entering the ocean

We have rewarded

The four corners of The Conqueror

Our Virtual Challenges

Our Virtual challenge mobile app uses Google maps to progress you along your chosen route.

Every time you add a workout, you advance on the map.
Not only can you see your avatar and others on the map, but you can also explore your virtual surroundings using Street View.

As you progress along the route you unlock postcards and the ability to explore local spots of interest so you can immerse yourself further in the area and learn about the history, culture, and/or wildlife.

You can travel solo or use our private community to start a group and help each other stay motivated and complete those longer routes that might seem overwhelming alone.


Our Medals

We have proved that the medals our customers receive are a key part of helping them stick to exercise and the quality and intricate designs is what keeps them coming back to us.

Our designers undertake in-depth research to find key points of interest (both well known and hidden) and they carefully consider local ethical or cultural considerations.

Our medals are designed to tell a story about, and create an emotional connection with, the route you are travelling.

Our medals are created to celebrate with, and provide a reward to, our customers for their hard work, dedication and ultimately sticking to their promise to exercise.

Our Community

Our private Facebook community of over 200,000 people is an encouraging and positive community that we know is key to helping people stick to exercise.

Being part of this group will be your favourite part of the experience - share your efforts, your achievements but also your struggles and the community will congratulate and support you on your journey.


Our Causes

We are committed to partnering with initiatives that help shape the future by rethinking our relationship with the environment and creating a regenerative society.

We want to protect the natural environment so that the next generations can live as freely as we can today.

At The Conqueror, we aim to grow a community that is based on a sustainable and impactful lifestyle. We want the fitness routine to be completed by everyone's care for nature, and with Eden Reforestation and Plastic Bank we are one step closer to this goal.


Where we are in the world

We have 100 people worldwide who have joined forces to make good things happen everyday.

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Our teams

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The medals our customers receive when they complete a challenge is a key part of helping them stick to exercise. We have a world leading product and world class designers creating these products. While the medals are the hero piece, we also create other physical and digital deliverables such as packaging, merchandise and in-app graphics.

Image of team members


Collaborating within a team consisting of backend and frontend developers, designers, testers and analysts to ship software in an agile environment, our New Zealand based development team emphasises code quality and collaboration for our rapidly changing application.

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Based in Romania, our performance marketing team is leading the creative processes, including Art, Paid Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, PR and Influencer Marketing, with a data-driven approach to every new campaign. By using outstanding ideas and looking at numbers, we aim to get impactful outcomes and become a memorable brand.

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Our community engagement team works around the clock to moderate all comments, stories and requests that come through daily from the community of over 180.000 people around the world. They don't leave anything unanswered and collaborate to work through all messages with empathy and friendship.

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Our New Zealand based team liaise with our manufacturers, global shipping providers and distribution centers around the world, ensuring that our products are manufactured to spec and delivered to our customers on time.

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Good writing can make a difference. Good writing, together with a good visual is the real deal. Our creative lab is made up of people who generate the perfect mix of copy, images and videos for all kinds of social platforms, mastering the entire process - from production to final implementation.

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Our team of User Experience designers and Product Managers use design thinking and empathy research techniques to optimise the experiences for our customers across all touch-points. We work collaboratively and keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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The support team based in Nicaragua is there 24/7 to manage customer queries and inbound requests. They act fast, work efficiently and are trained to show openness and warmth to our customers no matter the concerns.

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Collecting relevant outcomes and making decisions based on numbers is part of our identity. This is why our colleagues from the Data department are in charge of running scripts and generating reports that uncover various insights related to our customers and products.


Our Values

Our values are part of who we are and the way we work together as a team.

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We challenge our ideas of what’s possible. We are curious, courageous and push boundaries. We test, learn and iterate as we go.

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We are driven to deliver positive impacts on people's lives. We build relationships, listen, adapt and grow alongside what our customers need.

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We are driven to deliver outstanding products and exceptional experiences. We are high-performing, determined, passionate and driven by impactful outcomes.

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We approach all of our relationships with integrity. We show respect, empathy and celebrate our successes. We are proud to be part of The Conqueror global team.