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Virtual walking: conquer your fitness goals one step at a time!

More than 80% of people who sign up for a virtual walking challenge stick to their fitness goals!
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A new fitness regime can be ditched at any time.
But what makes virtual walking challenges last?

You see progress with every step you make

Big things have small beginnings. You would never try to walk 10 miles in one day, right? Then why should you force a boot-camp pace on yourself? Walk towards your fitness goals and make every mile count.

You will not stop until you get one

Rewards are the biggest motivators and what can be more rewarding than one of these stunning finisher’s medals? Once you plan your first virtual walk, no roadblock will beat the satisfaction of receiving the medal. Once you have completed your virtual walking challenge, the medal gets mailed to you.

Unlock virtual postcards while celebrating your progress

It’s in the past whatever roadblock you think awaits you when starting a new fitness program. Instead, celebrate your progress by unlocking virtual postcards once you reach a milestone. Each postcard contains interesting information about the location you have virtually visited.

Create healthy new habits that stick around by joining any virtual walking challenge!

Slam oversized expectations by choosing any virtual walking challenge!

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VIRTUAL walking, REAL results!

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