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Refund and Returns Policy

This policy is effective from 11th March 2024.


This Refund and Returns policy applies to any purchase or order of the Conqueror Product or Services (including join codes, apparel and referral codes). Our Terms of Service also apply to these purchases. In this policy, our mobile application is referred to as our App.


Join Codes

The Conqueror Challenge join codes (Join Codes) are offered for purchase through our website and App. All Join Codes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any order, reject all or any part of an order and to discontinue products without notice, even if you have already placed your order.


Expiration Dates

All Join Codes purchased, and any code or link provided for you to redeem on purchased apparel, purchased on or after 10th October 2023 (NZT) are subject to an expiration date.

All Licensed Join Codes or apparel codes (irrespective of purchase date) are subject to an expiration date.

The expiration date can be found in the registration email, within My Join Codes in the App (if the join code has been loaded) or by contacting customer services. Actionary reserves the right to change the expiration date at any time.

Any code or link provided for you to redeem a referral discount, is subject to an expiration date and in addition may be cancelled by Actionary at any time for any reason.

Once a Join Code has been redeemed, you have 24 months to complete the relevant challenge(s).

To redeem a Join Code, you must join a challenge within the App or My Virtual Mission website. Adding the Join Code to the digital ‘My Join Code’ section in the app does not redeem the code.

To redeem an apparel or referral voucher, visit the Conqueror Website to make a purchase and apply the voucher on checkout.

Actionary is not responsible for customers’ failure to redeem a code, apparel or referral discount before the expiration date.


Join Code Refund Policy

Any Join Code purchased or obtained outside of legitimate channels (determined at our sole discretion) is not eligible for a refund.

If you change your mind within 45 days of purchase and have not redeemed a Join Code, you may contact Actionary to request a refund. Actionary reserves the right to reject a refund request outside of this period but may exchange the Join Code for another Join Code of similar value.

If you have redeemed a Join Code (used the code to join a challenge), Actionary reserves the right to reject a refund request.

If a refund request is accepted, the refund will exclude any processing or management fees that we have incurred, including credit card processing fees, Apple/Play store fees, and international shipping fees.


Digital Only Challenges

For customers who purchase a “digital only” challenge (Digital Only Challenge) within the App, all refund requests for that challenge must be made through the App Store or Play Store (as applicable). Actionary cannot process refunds for Digital Only Challenges.

For customers who purchase a medal upgrade for a Digital Only Challenge, a refund must be provided through the App Store or Play Store before contacting Actionary for a refund of that upgrade. Customers can rejoin a Digital Only Challenge after a refund has been issued.


Returns and Shipping

Except where expressly specified in this Refund and Returns Policy, all sales are final and the company does not accept returns except for goods that are received damaged or defective.

Where medals are supplied, these are provided on the completion of the relevant challenge.

Supply of the correct, complete shipping address at the time of redemption is essential for delivery. A charge will be incurred for resending or readdressing products where incorrect or incomplete address information has been supplied.

Actionary will provide a replacement for goods received damaged or defective within 14 days of receipt. Actionary may request the damaged or defective goods be returned in the original packaging before providing a replacement.

For items not received, all claims must be submitted no later than 6 weeks after the dispatch date.

Please contact customer services for replacement assistance.


Challenge Discontinued or Out of Stock

Where Actionary discontinues a challenge or a challenge is out of stock, customers who have purchased a Join Code specific to that challenge will be contacted and informed of the last date that the code can be redeemed (Last Join Date).

All customers active on a challenge before the Last Join Date will be eligible to complete the challenge and request their medal. A challenge expiration period will still apply and may vary for certain challenges including where Actionary is contractually obliged to cease the challenge.

Customers can request a refund or exchange for any discontinued challenge where the Join Code has not expired and has not been redeemed, before the Last Join Date.