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Lose Weight at Your Own Pace with Virtual Challenges

Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you find yourself setting New Year’s Resolutions to finally fit into that one special dress again only to find yourself failing once again?

We have all been there. In fact, 1 in 2 adults in the U.S. attempted to lose weight in the last 12 months. And yet, we are still dealing with an obesity pandemic worldwide. So what does that tell you?

Nearly all of us are out there trying to lose weight, struggling, and ultimately being unsuccessful. 

And why? Losing weight isn’t easy, that is why. We are very often shown adverts for products that will help us lose weight overnight, yet that never happens. We think to ourselves sometimes, if I just go on this next fad detox, then everything will be ok and I will shrink a dress size by next week. By that never happens either!

The fact is, losing weight and having a healthy body is a long-term process and it requires sustainable systems of best practices in our lives. We need to look after ourselves consistently rather than radically swinging up and down in order to stay healthy.

What do we need to do instead? 

There is one formula for losing weight – not the only one, of course:

Go At Your Own Pace

When we fail to lose weight, it is very often because we are trying to start off too fast and accomplish everything all at once. We start off with the very best of intentions, hit the gym four times a week, and then we trail off very soon once we realize that these goals are unsustainable.

The first key to success with losing weight is going at your own pace.

When you go at your own pace, you are much more capable of both achieving your goals and sticking to them. Going at your own pace means you don’t injure yourself, you enjoy yourself, and you are likely to stick to what you are doing for a longer time.

person stepping on blue stairs

You might think that you need to do intense HIIT workouts in order to lose weight but, in reality, sticking to a healthy and sustainable walking routine is one of the best possible ways to lose weight. If walking is something that works for you and feels good, you are more likely to do it consistently. If HIIT workouts feel dreadful, chances are you will leave them quickly and never go back.

We lose weight when we are consistent. 

Set Your Goals and Track Your Progress

If you are struggling to lose weight, chances are that you don’t have a solid goal and progress system. You might be simply throwing yourself at the problem with no guiding lines in sight. You might also be swaying side to side as you try all different things within a short time frame.

To successfully lose weight, we need to set goals and we need to track our progress as reach those goals. To anything as a human, we need motivation. And this is the way that we harbour that motivation as best as possible. 

We need to know what we are working towards and we need to see how we are working towards it. Otherwise, we very easily lose our way. 

Don’t Go It Alone!

Another reason we lose our ways in the conquest to lose weight is that we try to do it entirely by ourselves.

Humans are fundamentally social creatures and we need to do things together in order to be successful. We need support and we need connection. 

man in black t-shirt and black shorts running on road during daytime

If you don’t tell anyone that you have decided to lose weight, have joined the gym, and want to lose 12 pounds by summer, it is much easier to give everything up and pretend it never happened. It is much easier to quit when you aren’t being held accountable and you also have no one in your corner to cheer you on. 

We see all 3 of these traps in losing weight far too commonly. Luckily, there is something out there that just might help you turn the tide on your bad luck forever. 

Solution: The Conqueror Virtual Challenges 

The Conqueror launched in 2016 as the brain baby of one person determined to get off their couch, in a new and creative way. 

Adam wanted to shake his bad habits once and for all and get back into shape by motivating himself to walk for long distances. But not all at once. He wanted to add up all the consistent and sustainable treadmill workouts that he did, following New Zealand’s map, while walking at home. 

Adam knew that working out every now and again wasn’t working. Nor was having no goals and vision. The thing that would finally help him stay fit for a long time was to set a goal, track his progress, and have the satisfaction of crossing that finish line.

And that is the exact journey that the virtual challenges take people on today. Over 850,000 since the beginning. 

The 40+ virtual challenges offered can take everyone across the world as they walk, run, jog, swim, cycle and exercise their way to better health. They help you stay involved and engaged throughout the experience with progress tracking maps, and visual reinforcements such as virtual postcards, and they give you a beautifully crafted medal at the end of each trail.

A medal so inviting that 7 out of 10 participants lose weight across the course of their journey. 

Another important thing that The Conqueror kept in mind was the concept of community and connection in weight loss. You can’t go it alone. The Conqueror has its own private community of people who help support and mentor each other throughout their journey. People across the world come together to keep the motivation alive. On a bad day, this is something tremendously helpful. 

When all is said and done, the virtual challenges come in with some answers to your losing weight problems. 

Go at your own pace? You totally can. You can pick your own timeframe and your own activity used to make your distance.

Goal setting and progress tracking? Got that in bucketloads. Every aspect of the virtual challenges has S.M.A.R.T goals in mind. 

Go it alone? You never will again with your Conqueror community.

If this sounds like a journey you want to be part of, start your own challenge today at