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We re-learned what community means in 7 days

Stand With Ukraine Virtual Challenge Fundraiser

This is a message to all of those that make up our story – The Conqueror community members. A message explaining togetherness, loyalty and gratitude.

Last week we launched a different virtual challenge, a humanitarian appeal to all of you. We then set out to help the civilians in Ukraine as best we could. We only had 3 days to design a virtual challenge fundraiser, this time about exercising with a little more meaning than usual, for a very urgent cause.

Our teams from Romania and New Zealand mobilized extremely quickly, and the reactions received did not stop appearing. This gave us even more courage to continue what we wanted to do from the beginning.

We knew from day 1 that we had at our back a united global community, ready to help.

At the end of it, however, we were amazed to see that we had already exceeded USD 200,000, which we were able to donate to the Red Cross and Save the Children.

As days went by, the support has grown, positive feedback has multiplied and donations have continued to speed-up. 

On Friday, the 5th day of the challenge, we announced a last milestone:

USD 500,000.

As we hoped, the wildest dream has come true, and our joy is boundless. Once again, we figured out that there is a crossroad between sports and charity. We now know that our community not only cares about healthy living and exercising. It is also made up of people who act instantly and give generously when others are in need. 

We promised transparency in every step. So, our last week in numbers looked like this:

  • USD 501,375 donated
  • More than 15,000 people joined the challenge with over 20,000 entries
  • 168 hours of donation collection
  • 26 team members actively involved in the challenge

We want to mention once again that this challenge was possible thanks to our community members, and the amount donated is the result of a collective effort that we have rarely been given to see.

Through the power of solidarity, the sky’s the limit for sure when it comes to helping, being there and contributing.

Thank you for every dollar, for every message of support and good wishes sent to those in need!

We invite everyone to continue donating directly to the International Red Cross and Save the Children