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5-Day ‘Walk to Lose Weight Challenge’!


Follow The Next Steps Below To Prepare For ‘Walk to Lose Weight Challenge’!

STEP ONE: Put It On The Calendar

Take a second right now and put this date into your smartphone: 2nd of October, 9AM, Pacific Time.


The First challenge email will land in your inbox at 8 AM Pacific Time. Starting on the 2nd of October, you’ll receive 1 email every day for the next 5 days.


The first and most important step of this challenge is to actually start — make sure to book/take at least 15 minutes of your time to go through the daily challenge.

STEP TWO: Bring Your Loved Ones!

If you’d like to have your family, friends, or partner join, just bring ‘em along!

This challenge is for anyone who wants to learn how walking can help shed those extra pounds. It’s something everyone can do, no matter their fitness level, so you can all enjoy it and work towards better health together!

STEP THREE: Join a Conqueror Virtual Challenge!

Backed by an impressive 89.71% success rate and validated by over 800,000 people worldwide, this challenge will be the perfect support system throughout your journey!




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