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In a galaxy (not so) far away, virtual challenges are brewing.

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The Podrace
Virtual Challenge

140 Miles / 225 KM
6 Virtual Postcards
medal highlight
140 Miles / 225 KM
6 Virtual Postcards
Animated Map

Follow the story of Anakin Skywalker's Journey as he races in a life-or-death podrace for freedom.

Every time you move, you progress along the virtual map of Tatooine. You can run, walk, cycle, or pick any other activity… just keep moving!

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How to Navigate the STAR WARS™ Challenges

Both Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s Journeys have 3 challenges that are sequential.

When you choose a journey, you start with its first challenge. Finish the first challenge to unlock the second, and the second to unlock the third, keeping the story going.

Good news! You can start either Luke’s or Anakin’s Journey, or even both at once, by taking on their first challenge.

Virtually travel across the Tatooine map

Watch your progress on the 140 mi (225 km) route across Tatooine, known for its harsh desert landscapes, twin suns, and distinctive sand dunes. 

Every step takes you further along the map. Track your miles (or kilometers) in the app by syncing your fitness tracker/smartwatch or manually adding distances. 

Plus, any activity counts! You can walk, run, cycle, or even paint your house. Explore all 6 STAR WARS™ maps with the full STAR WARS pack!
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Double the fun, double the rewards! Earn six unique medals, which capture an iconic STAR WARS moment loved by all fans, featuring X-wing fighters, depictions of Master Yoda or Jabba the Hutt and more.
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Unlock exclusive content along your journey

Unlock Virtual Postcards packed with exciting info about the location & stay updated on Anakin's journey.

Explore Local Spots full of fascinating lore as you hit milestones on your journey.

Discover STAR WARS™ Characters with 30 Virtual Collectible Cards!
Unlock 5 cards in each challenge… or complete all 6 challenges to claim all 30 Cards and find your favorite character among them - whether it’s Princess Leia or Master Yoda. 

Get to know STAR WARS tech with Tech Snippets – learn more about Droids, Creatures, and legendary STAR WARS Equipment.

Help the Planet, One Step at a Time

Choose your cause:

Plant 30 trees

For every 20% of each challenge you complete, we plant a tree with the help of veritree.

If you complete the entire STAR WARS™ Pack you'll have planted 30 trees!

Together, we've already planted a whopping 11,000,000+ trees!

Stop 300 plastic bottles

For every 20% of each challenge you complete, we stop 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean with the help of Plastic Bank 

By the end of the full STAR WARS™ Pack you'll have helped stop 300 bottles!

So far, we’ve stopped 38,000,000+ plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

Virtual Challenge, Real Community

Our private Conqueror Facebook group has over 325,000 people from all over the world who inspire and encourage each other to keep crushing their fitness goals.

We'll support you every step of the way, share your stories, and keep you inspired to keep pushing forward.
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Star Wars Virtual Challenge Series

  • 3x Entries + Premium medals - 10% OFF
  • Access to 325k Private Facebook Group
  • 40 virtual postcards, collectibles, local spots
  • Plant 15 real trees or stop 150 plastic bottles from entering the ocean
  • 3x Digital certificates of completions

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$134.49 USD


Star Wars Virtual Challenge Series


  • 1x Entry + Premium medal - FREE
  • 5x Entries + Premium medals - 10% OFF
  • Access to 325k Private Facebook Group
  • 84 virtual postcards, collectibles, local spots
  • Plant 30 Real Trees
  • 6x Digital certificates of completion
  • Plant 30 real trees or stop 300 plastic bottles from entering the ocean

$299.94 USD

$224.49 USD


Star Wars Virtual Challenge Series

Single challenge

Single challenge
  • 1x Entry + Premium medal
  • Access to 325k Private Facebook Group
  • UP to 14 virtual postcards, collectibles, local spots
  • Plant 5 real trees or stop 50 plastic bottles from entering the ocean
  • 1x Digital certificate of completion

$49.99 USD


+ All This!

access anywhere

Access anywhere

Log and see your progress on our iPhone and Android mobile app.

team or solo

Team or solo

Get a group of friends or workmates together and share the load, or take on the challenge by yourself.

choose timeframe

Choose your own timeframe

Pick your start date and choose how many weeks you want to set as your goal to complete the challenge depending on your exercise type, fitness level and how many other people there are in your team (if any).

exercise types

Multiple exercise types

Any distance-based activity can count toward reaching the finish line. Do cartwheels if that’s your thing.

See the entire Star Wars Skywalkers’ Epic Journeys Series

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers - let's do this!

From which countries do you accept entries?

We welcome entries from all over the world* and we offer global shipping on medals. On average we have people from over 80 countries from around the world enter our challenges each month! 

*There are a few countries where we currently face delivery restrictions due to various international regulations and operational challenges. These include: Belarus, China, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the  Congo, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Russia, Somalia, Syria,  South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen.

What’s stopping someone from cheating?

We do have several ways that we can detect cheaters, however, we do realise that no matter what we do or how we structure it, people are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do.

What is the difference between Anakin’s Journey and Luke Skywalker’s Journey?

Anakin Skywalker’s Journey covers events from the Prequel films (Episodes 1, 2 and 3) and it follows Anakin Skywalker's story. On the other hand, Luke Skywalker’s Journey is based on events from the Original Trilogy (Episodes 4, 5 and 6) and follows Luke Skywalker’s adventures.

Do Star Wars Virtual Challenges cover the entire story?

No, the STAR WARS™ Virtual Challenge Series do not cover the entire of the movies. Each challenge distance corresponds to specific character progression within iconic film scenes, guaranteeing that participants experience the same journey as their favorite characters. 

Do I need to finish Anakin’s Journey bundle to join Luke’s Journey bundle?

No, you do not need to complete Anakin Skywalker’s Journey first. You can either start with “The Podrace” Virtual Challenge, “The Death Star” Virtual Challenge, or both at the same time. All challenges inside Anakin Skywalker’s Journey and Luke Skywalker’s Journey are sequential.

Can I use the join codes from Anakin for Luke’s Challenges?

Anakin Skywalker’s and Luke Skywalker’s Journey Virtual Challenges have separate paths, so their entry codes differ. For instance, if you buy Anakin Sktwalker's bundle of 3 challenges, you'll only get codes for his journey. The same goes for Luke Skywalker's bundle. If you buy the STAR WARS™ Virtual Challenges Bundle of 6, you'll get 3 codes for each journey.

Within what timeframe do I need to complete the challenges?

You have the flexibility to select the timeframe for completing your challenge, ranging from 1 week to 24 months. You can adjust this goal at any time, shortening or extending it within the 24-month limit. Additionally, you can modify this goal as often as you wish during the event.

How do I enter a distance towards the challenge?

You can log distances using two methods:

1) Manually - Either on the web or via our iPhone and Android apps. Select your exercise type, add a distance and boom, you’re done. You can add a screenshot of your tracker if you wish but it is not required.

2) Automatically – Via the range of apps and devices that we connect with. Currently, we support: Apple Watch & Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, Adidas Running, Strava, Runkeeper, Map My Run, Map My Ride, and Map My Walk.

How long does it take to complete the full distance?

The amount of time it will take you or your team to complete this journey depends on your fitness level, exercise type and team size.

You can set your own time-frame goal from 1 week to 24 months to complete each challenge. This goal can be easily changed at any time if you want to shorten or extend it (within the 24-month limit).

Do join codes expire?

Yes, join codes come with an expiration date. For STAR WARS™ Virtual Challenges, the codes expire after two years after the purchase date. This is important to remember when purchasing bundles.

What types of exercise count?

You can log various distance-based exercises like running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, and more. For non-distance-based activities such as yoga or CrossFit, we offer a convenient conversion chart to translate time spent on these activities into distance equivalents.

Can I log multiple exercise types for one challenge?

In addition to distance-based exercises like running (indoor and outdoor), cycling (indoor and outdoor), rowing, walking, skiing, swimming, elliptical, and wheelchair activities, you can also log other exercises under the 'other' category. Moreover, activities like sports or gym workouts can be converted into distances, and we can guide how to do this effectively.

What does it mean that STAR WARS™ challenges are sequential?

For the STAR WARS™  Virtual Challenges, sequential order means that you need to complete each challenge in Anakin Skywalker's journey or Luke Skywalker's journey in a specific order. You can't move on to the next challenge until you've completed at least 90% of the previous one.

There are two bundles available: one for Anakin Skywalker's Journey (3 challenges) and one for Luke Skywalker's Journey (3 challenges). You can get the STAR WARS™ bundle, which includes all six challenges from both series.

How can I access challenges after signing up?

To enjoy our Conqueror Challenges you have to access our mobile app "The Conqueror Challenges" which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. You will be asked to create an account on the App. Once you have logged in, you'll click "ENTER JOIN CODE" and enter the join code that was emailed to you when you purchased.