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Fiordland National Park Virtual Challenge

Fjordland National Park is well known around the world for it’s spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking fjords and shimmering lakes. Its most well known fiord, Milford Sound, has even been called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World” by Rudyard Kipling.

The fiords that enchant people from around the world have taken glaciers hundreds of thousands of years to carve, with the last details being  added just 10,000 years ago. The deepest of the fiords, Doubtful Sound is a veritable sanctuary for wildlife, housing bottlenose dolphins, penguins and fur seals.

The trail will lead you across the landscape, passing by ancient rainforests clinging to mountains, granite snow-covered peaks and waterfalls tumbling into majestic fjords.

60.2 kilometers

(37.4 miles)


New Zealand

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Possible Milestones

Check out these places as you make your way along Fiordland National Park Virtual Challenge!

Milford Sound

Doubtful Sound

Preservation Inlet


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Fiordland National Park Virtual Challenge

60.2 Km (37.4 Mi)

Oceania, New Zealand


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